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High Pressure Cleaners


High pressure cleaners with rotary heads & gun attachments (as used in the example above) damage synthetic grass & remove all of the sand.

Permanent damage and lines are left behind on the synthetic grass surface (examples above) Please be aware that there are current service providers using this method. High pressure guns can damage the seams and destabilise the subfloor of your Court

ASGCS DO NOT use any rotary head pressure cleaners on synthetic grass tennis courts.



Chlorine treatments are not environmentally friendly & can contaminate the areas surrounding your Court and is considered grey waste by all Councils. Using Chlorine will damage, bleach and destabilise the synthetic grass fibres reducing the life of your investment.

ASGCS DO NOT use any chlorine in our process

Dry Brushing


Synthetic grass surface dry brushing is only a quick fix.

All contaminates remain within the synthetic grass fibres providing only a short term clean look.

ASGCS DO NOT use any chlorine in our process

why USE asgcs

​Cleans more thoroughly removing all dirt & contaminates with our deep rinsing process.

Costs no more than older traditional methods with little or no waste.

Requires less time & sand to complete and return the playing surface to a like new serviceable condition.

The deep washing and brushing techniques are gentle on synthetic material compared to damaging high pressure cleaning, hard tumble & spindle brush roller techniques.

Complete environmentally friendly footprint approved by councils

No harsh cleaning chemicals

Accredited Safe, Quality & Environmental Management System.


QBE Business Insurance & $20,000,000 Liability Insurance

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