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John Pearsall

ASGCS is owned and operated by John Pearsall. All of the cleaning equipment and processes have been developed by the family business. In his free time John enjoys golfing, fishing and spending time with his friends & family. 

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Our Proud History:


In 1994 David Dummer launched a new service for cleaning and rejuvenating synthetic grass surfaces and 30 years on the business is stronger than ever.


In June 2014 acquisition of the company was made by son in law and daughter John and Catherine Pearsall ensuring the company remains within the family unit continuing the proud tradition and quality service David provided to his valued customers over the last 20 years. David continues today providing ongoing support in a consultancy role to both John & Catherine.


Our proud history and commitment to our customers ensures the removal of all  contaminants whether they be moss, algae, soil or decaying vegetation from the sand fill so that it drains properly and the Ph is neutralised (no moss and algae growth).


Removal of sand fill is minimised (sand is an inert material) thus reducing the cost and logistics of moving on and off site and disposal. The cleaning machine is light and compact enabling access to any site whether it be up or down stairs, in lifts or narrow passage ways.


Our highly trained & qualified team follow our detailed cleaning process.


 Proud Tradition, Quality Service

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