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Synthetic Grass Tennis Court Cleaning Process

Synthetic grass surfaces require regular maintenance. They get a build up of contaminants that form a crust on the surface. Environmental conditions, poor drainage, shade & debris contribute to the speed at which algae and moss develops.


Algae & Moss Removal

The synthetic fibres become compacted which reduces the "give", making the court harder to play on creating an uneven bounce. Players also slide more, creating an abrasive effect on the synthetic fibers which causes more wear and becomes dangerous and unsafe.

Slippery, Crusty Surface


ASGC Systems has developed a unique cleaning system that thoroughly rejuvenates synthetic grass surfaces. The process uses a washing, brushing and rinsing action that has replaced the "High Pressure" cleaning technique. This system is used because it causes less wear and tear on the fibres while thoroughly removing crusting and deep down compacted contaminants.


Unique Cleaning Systems

A safe chemical is also applied after the clean is completed which will keep the PH level neutral within the sand of the synthetic grass as a slow release future preventative measure to the growth of algae & moss.

Unlike other companies that offer tennis court cleaning services, ASGC do not use high pressure cleaners as they can damage the synthetic grass. We also do not use harsh chemicals such as bleach or chlorine in our cleaning process to again ensure that no damage is caused to your court and to provide an environmentally friendly service.

9. After Rinsing.JPG

Before & After Cleaning Proces


ACI Dry Sand Granusil 4005


Sand Spread & Brushed

All work is personally completed by my highly trained and qaulified team following our detailed cleaning process.

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